Share Plant Based was established by a group of people with a love and passion for plant-based food and wellbeing. We are located in Sydney, Australia.

We offer a new concept in ​​plant-based food and lifestyle, inspired by Mexican and Peruvian cuisine and its different cultural fusions.

The group was founded by co-owners Madison Cohen and JC Miranda. Together, we discovered that sharing our passion, knowledge and doing our work with love was the foundation of our food and ideology. Encouraging the consumption of plant-based nutrition, we wanted to contribute to the present and future experience of food.

Our goal is for people to trust in a plant-based future by sharing in our creative, innovative and delicious food whilst having a new experience in Sydney never seen before.


JC Miranda

Co-founder and Creative Director of Share Plant Based, Executive Chef for Calle Rey and Diablo Pisco Bar.

JC is a Peruvian chef with over 25 years experience. For the last 7 years he decided to work in plant based food only and has considerable plant based cuisine credentials.

Madison Cohen

Co-founder of Share Plant Based, Calle Rey and Diablo Pisco Bar.

Madision is a qualified Physiotherapist with a passion for plant-based dining. After 7 years of being plant-based herself and with the influx of plant-based culture coming into fruition in recent years, Madison felt there was still a lot more that could be offered and was compelled to share her passion and ideas with others.

Madison & JC

Madison was a customer in a restaurant where JC was the head chef. Their taste, love and long-time passion for plant-based food led them to develop a strong friendship. Together they started sharing ideas encompassing the plant-based food experience and partnered to create .SHARE. PLANT BASED as the basis for their future restaurant and bar projects - based 100% on plants. 

Together, they worked to create a venue with an approachable and fun plant based food and drink offering. 



After forming .SHARE. PLANT BASED, their first idea and achievement was to open Calle Rey in Newtown, Sydney. Australia’s first plant-based restaurant that showcases Mexican cuisine combined with a unique mix of Peruvian influence. 

Then came Diablo Pisco Bar, situated within Calle Rey. It offers the first Peruvian Pisco bar based on entirely on plants. Creating and sharing a new culture previously not seen or experienced in Sydney.

Calle Rey and its Diablo Pisco bar prove to be a very fitting addition to King Street’s collection of culinary spots and hot-spot bars.